Friday, December 18, 2015


The day before holiday break....40 minute classes....everyone sugared up. We needed something fun that did not involved watching a movie....

Please meet YETI-MAN.

Student Challenge: Please don't let Yeti-Man die.  He and his tribe are being relocated to an island in the tropics.  He needs a device that keeps him from actually touching the water.  You must use a minimum of 3 supplies to attach to Yeti-Man and he must be able to float without the saltwater touching him.  He must be able to breathe and we need to be able to see his face.

1. Name your Yeti-Man.
2. Build him a life saving device to help him travel through the water to his new home.
3. Take a group selfie with him and share with #savetheyetiman

It was fun watching them work together to figure out how to keep a sugar cube safe in the water. Some were successful while others had to say a sad goodbye to their Yetiman as he dissolved away.

Supporting the Lion's Club

I was amazed at the outpouring of support of the Coppell Lion's Club holiday food and toy drive.  Our students brought in so much to support those in need during the holiday season.  I was really proud of my classes for their contribution.  Thank you to everyone who brought in food and toys.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Student Showcase

Nausheen's sketch notes over plants captured the attention of Bulb Portfolios.  They just sent out an email to their entire distribution list showcasing Nausheen's awesome work, in addition to the link to several other students work.  I love companies that pay attention to student creations and give them credit for original work.  Great job Nausheen!

Visiting Thailand

Today we visited Thailand!  Student watched a short video with images from the area and then watched video clips left for us from students in Bangkok, Thailand describing the area in which they live.  Students researched the facts and competed to be the first group to identify the mystery location.

We left messages for the Thailand students to give them clues about our area as well.  Students will have the opportunity to leave questions for their new friends in Thailand to learn more about their area and culture.

A student from Bangkok, Thailand leaving us a message.
Students added to their travel journal information about the tropical rainforest of Thailand to share with our elementary friends that we are writing the book for.  We will be visiting Mockingbird Elementary in January to share our journals.

Our video messages back to Thailand friends describing our environment in Texas.