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The Scientist Life 
This introductory course highlights basic science skills to help middle school students prepare for working in the lab.  The course covers safety, lab equipment, recording and analyzing data, and research skills. 

Global Problem Solvers
This collaborative project helps students connect their interest to science while trying to implement change in their community or globally.  This course is open to any student around the world that would like to collaborate with us.

Life Science
This course is a work in progress covering 7th Grade Life Science. It will be built over the course of this school year.

The Zoo Story

This course is written for students or teachers wishing to implement a community engagement project in their classroom.  Our students partnered with the Dallas Zoo to create a multi-touch book which we will publish to iTunes this spring.  The course shares the workflow for this project.

Health Without Borders
This course was developed and created by my 2013-2014 students for K-5 students to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. This course has over 55,000 subscribers from all over the world.  Special shout outs to Cambodia, Venezuela, South America, and New Zealand for making contact with us.  Join us and learn from some awesome students!  7th graders will have the opportunity to contribute to this course in the spring semester.

Student Created Multi-touch Books

Through Their Eyes - created by 2015-2016 seventh graders 

Health Inside Out - created by 2014-205 juniors and seniors

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