Sunday, January 8, 2017

McMush Lab

"During the McMush certain things have been exposed through the power of science. Such as the fact McDonald's meat doesn't have enough protein to be detected by Biuret, which turns food purple if it has enough protein. We also learned about how starch turns into glucose through enzymes in a persons body. Another lesson we learned was the functions of organs in the digestive system, such as how the pancreas produces insulin and the stomach churns."
- Aakash A.

"In the McMush lab, we realized that eating homemade, fresh and organic food is way better than eating fast food. For example a typical cheeseburger, Sprite and fries don't contain any protein or anything healthy. They are loaded with sugar and bad lipids and carbohydrates. In conclusion, we learned that what's in the food matters the most."
- Shriya and Sandi