Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Visiting Mockingbird

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Mockingbird Elementary and share what we have been learning with the younger kids. East students have been on an Amazing Race to learn about the endangered animals we are writing our book on for the Dallas Zoo.  While learning about the animals and their adaptations, biomes, and diet, students created a travel journal to share what their work.  We partnered up with classes next door to give our students an authentic audience.

Students were really creative in their storytelling and did a great job of interacting with the younger students.  Look at a couple of images from their books below and ask your kids to see their travel journal.  Each group member should have a copy of it on their iPad.

Created by Meena B, Andrea P, Manasi V, and Paige P.

Created by Sydney d, Renee R, Michka G. and Madison P.

Check out some of the pictures of our "big kids" teaching their younger friends. 

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