Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sleep Study

Every one has a day where they're so caught up in finishing up all of their work that they brush off the matter of getting enough sleep. We all have thoughts that are along the lines of 'It doesn't matter, I'll get more sleep tomorrow'. The truth is, getting enough sleep is so important that it could have a lasting effect on your sanity and cause, potentially, death. It also causes function delays and failure in your endocrine system and nervous system because the body gets replenished every time the owner sleeps, and without replenishment, the organs aren't refreshed and can't work to their full potential.

We've been testing out how losing sleep causes the brain and muscles to react slower, and it's been proven that people who have less sleep and are more distracted or unfocused (effect of less sleep) which causes them to react slower. Getting enough sleep might be a matter that is never brought to the light of importance that it deserves, or be considered as a serious health issue, but in the future, it is everyone's hope that people learn to get enough sleep.
- Veda, Kavya, Sriya, Pranavi

Our class data from Reaction Time vs Hours of Sleep
If you don't get enough sleep, your reaction time will be slower. The lack of sleep effects your memory and attitude. While we are sleeping, the toxins that build up during the day in the brain get washed away making you more refreshed for the next day.
- Hafsa, Sandi, Michael

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