Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome to 7th Science!

Welcome back to school and to 7th grade science. This blog will be written this year by our 7th graders to keep you updated on what we are doing in class.  

Question prompt:  What did you do on the first two days in science class?"

"On the first day of school we chose what table we wanted to sit at and then our teacher told us that we were going to do stations. Our favorites were the music station were we chose music to play in class and also a station were we wrote what we would want to do to help the world like pollution and others. On the second day we got to wrote what we wanted to do to change the world and also we guessed science tools."

- Aiden, Landry, Hank, and Neal

"So for the past two days we had a lot of fun in science. On the first day of science we did stations on ideas and fun things to do in class. For example one of our stations was what songs should we add on the class playlists. On the second day we did a project intro, and our group created the idea of stopping artificial hormones on farm animals and the effect it does to human beings. Yay!!!! We had so much fun!!!"
- Kavya, Krithi, Khushi, Sriya, and Shreya

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