Saturday, August 27, 2016

Six Weeks Challenge

Our first six weeks challenge encourages students to look around and notice their environment.  We are trying to challenge their lens on their world as this will lead into our year long plan to improve society.  You can see our six weeks challenges HERE.  The project was introduced during class on Friday and students had the chance to make a quick comment about it.

"Our six weeks challenge is about world problems and solutions to them. We are excited about finding solutions and helping the world!"
- Ava, Christa, and Katie

"Our group is most exited about getting a chance to help solve a common problem in our community that will affect the world. We think that it is cool because we are learning something while having fun!"

- Krithi, Shreya, Kaavya

You can join us in the project by subscribing to our course in iTunes U.
Global Problem Solvers

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