Thursday, September 1, 2016

Measurement Lab

"Our goal was to lean about measurements, some types of measurements we learned about are mass, volume, density, temperature, inches, centimeters, and millimeters. At one station we measured how tall we were, at another we used mass and volume to find density, at the last one we found the temperature of different substances."
- Bethany and Kinley

"We went to different stations and learned about the metric system, density calculations, temperature, pH level, buoyancy test, and types of graphs. Our goal was to learn how to use many different types of measurement when we need it in the future. Also, other than being helpful, it put us in a good mood. At the metric system we measured our body parts and how some parts of our body are symmetric. Also, we learned how the metric system works. At the density station, we learned the formula of density and how to find the mass and volume of an object as well. We also liked the tools because they were unique. On the pH level it was very fun. The paper changed color according to the solution it was put in. We also learned about the three types of things in the scale which were acid, base, and neutral. At the temperature station, we put the thermometer in sand, dirt, and water. It was fun because it kept changing. At the buoyancy test station, we put rocks and water in a container and tried to make the container sink, float, and in the middle. It was very fun especially when we tried it in the middle. At the graphs we illustrated the graphs and learned what they were used for. We learned about the metric system, pH level, how to calculate density, how to record temperatures, how to make thing float or sink, and find what types of graphs did. At the end, we did a fun Kahoot!"
- Wesley, Naman, Yoichiro

"During the measurement lab we went to multiple stations to review and learn measurements for science. Our goal was to gain a little more knowledge about measurements in science such as the ph scale. We reviewed over multiple measurement in science such as temperature, ph or acidity, length and width, and mass and volume to get density. A new measurement that we learned is the ph scale how to measure the level of acidity."
Aidan, Landry, Hank, Neal

Challenge Winners: Anna, Peyton, Isaiah, and Harjas
[Make one float, one sink, and one suspend in the middle]

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