Sunday, September 11, 2016

Design a Lab

This week, we are going to be doing the Stomach vs Soda lab where we test a drink's impact on the stomach (we're using cow stomach for example). Our goal for the stomach lab is to find out whether Gatorade damages the stomach, and if so, how serious on a scale the problems it causes are. We believe that since Gatorade is ordinarily a fruity drink of sorts, it shouldn't be too harming to the stomach. We think either the Redbull or the Dr. Pepper will affect the stomach most negatively since, outwardly, they don't look entirely healthy.
- Jillian, Veda, and Caralyn



  1. I am eagerly waiting to learn the effects of different beverages on the Cow Stomach sample. Maybe a future experiment can be the effect of candy on teeth.....
    Thanks for making the learning experience engaging and fun....
    Best Regards,
    Karthik (Rudra's Dad)

  2. ewww! That is a great lab. Makes me re-think if I really want that Diet Coke with my lunch. I may never drink Dr. Pepper again.
    Thanks for the info
    Jenn (Jack, Scott, Luke's mom)