Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mystery Class

"Today we are doing a Skype with a class anywhere in the world! All we know is that they speak English, and that they are younger than us. We have to find out where they live. We were closing in on a their location as they were ours. There were strangely many controversial answers. They soon guessed our state. They began to close in closer and closer while we were stuck. They found our city when we didn't even have their state! We finally found the location, after many questions, of ALASKA. It was their game, by far. In the end, we had a quick little Q and A, about life in Texas and Alaska. We learned about Alaska, like how even kids dogsled. It was quite the experience."
- Sneha

Our Mystery Class Locations:
2nd Period - Melbourne, Australia
3rd Period - Iceland (we still aren't sure how to spell that city!)
4th Period - South Bend, Indiana
6th Period - Manhattan Beach, California
7th Period - Anchorage, Alaska

Thanks to our photographers for the great images!

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