Thursday, October 13, 2016

Adventures in Antarctica

Using the app Flipgrid, CMS East science students are learning from a marine biologist in Antarctica! Read this groups thoughts on learning from a professional so far away --

"Everyday we think that when we grow up, we're going to follow our dreams and practice a profession with such good impact on the world. Everyday, we think at least once that we are going to help change the world for the better. But one thing I know is that none of us would, without hesitation, go straight to Antarctica to follow our dreams and change the world. We think of our dreams as impossible, limited, wonderful things. We think of our dreams as palaces and wealth, but we do not ever aspire to go to a desolated continent to research. We have learned from Laura, the Marine Biologist that it is important to keep what you love when you are leaving your home. She continues to love Cheetos even thought they aren't in Antarctica. We have also learned that we need perseverance and problem-solving skills in life, and we cannot be forever reliant on other people. We need to take charge of our life and what we want and learn accordingly. We need to solve our own problems because it will help us later in life when we are living alone and perhaps working a career. Laura, the marine biologist in Antarctica, has taught us a lot about life skills and following your dreams."

- Veda, Shriya, and Kavya

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