Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mystery Box Challenges

In science, we did a very interesting thing called the Mystery Box Challenge. First, we rolled a huge die to get the number for our mystery box. Then, you tried to do the demonstration with the items inside the box. Some of them represented diffusion, and some osmosis. The diffusion with milk, food coloring, and soap was ours. The food coloring expanded in a wondrous array of colors and swirls and it looked really cool. This amazing demonstration was only one of the many things in the interesting mystery box challenge".
- Adarsh, Om, Vinay

" If you are given a box full of random materials, could you design a lab? We created an experiment using a Petri dish, stopwatch, 2 pill animals, and water. We were able to test whether the amount of water affected osmosis rate in cells. We found that the more water outside the cell, the faster the rate of osmosis."
- Arjun

"We did the Mystery Box Challenge. In the box we had two beakers, we had to get one with hot water and one with cold water. We also had blue and red food coloring to differentiate the waters. We timed how fast the food coloring spread when we kept it in the beakers. I learned that the hotter water let the color molecules spread faster."

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