Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Water Overdose and Homeostasis

In order to understand homeostasis, we modeled what happens when a person is dehydrated versus what happens when a person drinks too much water. We looked at an extreme case of over hydration and then predicted what happened to our cells when we saturate them with extreme amounts of fluid.
-Mrs. D.

"We did a lab as a class to help us understand homeostasis and osmosis. We took the shell off of two eggs, and then put one of them in 100% water, and the other in 0% water. The egg had about 70% water. After 24 hours, we found that the egg in 100% water had increased in mass, while the egg in the 0% water decreased. This is because cell want to maintain equilibrium with its environment so the cells in the egg that was placed in 100% water, took in some of the water molecules from its environment. The cell in the egg that was in 0% water let out water molecules to maintain equilibrium"
- Emily, Vedanti, Aashika, Pooja

Egg cells soaked in different solutions show dehydration and over hydration.

Look at how Kinley showed her understanding of osmosis, diffusion, and cell membrane transport. Love the creativity!

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